Why We Donate?

Our philanthropic approach is rooted in ESDF’s mission to create opportunity and to assist and support the next generation. Through the philanthropic investments of our Donors and Partners, we strive to systematically address some of the biggest education, research, environmental, and democracy challenges faced in the world today. Working in partnership with our grantees to address large scale social challenges in three priority areas:


Good governance & Democracy



How to Apply?

ESDF supports work directly related to our philanthropic strategies and geographic focus. For some programs, we invite proposals by directly contacting organizations for other programs we publish requests for proposals, accept letters of inquiry, or have an open application process.

Requirements vary, so it’s important to review eligibility requirements and program guidelines before starting your application.



To be considered for Small Grants Funding, an organization must meet several prerequisite requirements:

Be a nonprofit organization with tax-exempt status;

Provide direct services to pupils, students, low-income and vulnerable populations.

Have audited financial statements or external financial reviews.

Be in operation for at least one year.


Geographic Focus Areas

Currently, the Small Grants Funding is available to organizations in each of the ESDF’s priority communities as towns of the Republic of Moldova, including rural areas as well as East-European Countries.