What We Do

ESDF connects people, ideas, and resources to make those positive changes happen. We work side by side with educators, researchers and community leaders to make things happen from concept to execution. We strive for lasting, systemic, change, so our work depends on partnerships with broad and diverse collaborators.


Our Initiatives & Programmes:

E-Learning Dome Project – The largest project ESDF has ever had is the National E-Learning Dome Project. ESDF has successfully implemented first stage of the Project with an overall budget of 16 million $ and we don’t stop at this stage. The goal of e-learning is to offer, to every child, born in every corner of Moldova, even in the most remote and small villages, the opportunity to benefit from qualitative education and enroll in universities after school. The Project comprises three main components as E-Learning, E-Library & E-Lectures. 

ITC Donation Projects – We want to build a world where everyone has equal access to technology through sustainable IT solutions, providing access to high-quality equipment and education in the developing world. Working in partnership with our Donors & Partners several schools across Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova, are being equipped with computer labs, desktop computers, teacher laptops,  printers, projectors, speakers to each of the schools.

Sensory Room Projects – A child’s vision provides an important source of information about the world around them. Thus, an uncorrected vision problem can interfere with a child’s ability to learn and reach his/her highest potential. ESDF provided full support for the opening of a sensory room for the blind and visually impaired children. Sensory or room will stimulate children’s activity, improve their mental performance and reduce stress. Thanks to it, children will learn to behave in different situations, for example, to distinguish between traffic signals. This will help them become more independent and easier to integrate into society.

Sponsoring cultural and educational events – ESDF in cooperation with its Donors & Partners sponsors good organization of cultural and educational events. Sponsoring and contributing to organizing an education event or is an important way for staff, students and the community to connect. Whether you center the event around curriculum, celebrating different cultures or a fun night out, it gives students and their families the opportunity to take part in their child’s learning and what’s happening at the school.