Who We Are ?

We are a young, energetic, curious, innovative team that cares deeply about the state of education and research in the Republic of Moldova. The ESDF was set up in 2002 and is an Education & Science oriented Non-Government and Non-Profit Organization designed to promote innovations & development of modern educational technologies, as well as encourage socially sustainable programs and initiatives. Through the generosity of our donor community, ESDF supports the growth of students, teachers, and research community across our country and abroad.


Our Mission

We want our young generation to become not only excellent students, but also excellent members of a free & democratic community, ready to assist and support the next generation. With your help, we can fund innovative programs and experiences, support students and staff, and encourage an investment in our community.


Our Focus Area

ESDF works with community leaders, legislators, funders, and educators to make policy changes that can improve childrens’ and students’ lives. Below are three of our current areas of focus in which we are working to research best practices and mobilizze the community and influence policy.

1) Education & Research

2) Good governance & Democracy

3) Environment


Our Values

We believe that children should have the opportunity to grow and develop their full potential.

We support innovation creating positive systemic change.

We empower our stakeholders to make young generation’s lives better.

We promise to deliver on our mission in a financially responsible manner.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, nimble and flexible.


Our History

On 2002, the Education and Science Development Foundation from the Republic of Moldova (ESDF) was established as an education & scientific non-government and non-profit foundation designed to promote innovations & development of modern educational technologies, as well as encourage socially sustainable programs and democratic initiatives.

In the process, we’ve awarded grants, training and scholarships to students and community organizations striving to make the society better. During last years we have worked on implementation of a prodigious and full of ambition project focused on E-Learning covering all the country. Within that project ESDF had a crucial role of an author of the idea and coordinator. So far, only first stage of the Project has been implemented with an overall budget of 16 million $.

For a 17 years, the ESDF has collaborated with donors, nonprofits and commercial of every kind, and local community leaders to closely examine, convene and mobilize the community around its most important issues.

We are committed to continue making better the society by focusing our efforts on new generations development through working together with our donors, partners and all interested parties.